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Now the use of residential containers is becoming more and more common, but residential containers have a certain service life. To prolong the service life of residential containers, the most important thing is to take some reasonable measures. Jinan Resident Container Rental Sales Factory suggests that we can do the following basic points to extend the service life of resident containers. Hope it will help!
1. 居民容器的安装应当符合规定
1. The installation of residential containers shall comply with the regulations.
It is necessary to ensure that the installation and construction of living containers are completed by a regular professional team of living containers, so as to ensure the safety and long-term use of living containers.
Choose the right living container
在定制生活容器的情况下,需要与制造商保持良好的沟通,明确他们的需求,生活容器的规格,设计图纸,材料的选择。其中,材料是一个关键因素,直接决定了住宅集装箱在正式使用时的抗风、抗震性能。例如,对于6K跨的生活容器,斜接梁上应使用2.0mm的8#C型钢,而不是3K或4K的1.8mm的8#C型钢。由于跨度较大,1.8mm 8#C型钢的承载力不足。
In the case of customized living containers, it is necessary to maintain good communication with manufacturers, clarify their needs, the specifications of living containers, design drawings and material selection. Among them, material is a key factor, which directly determines the wind and seismic performance of residential containers in formal use. For example, for 6K span living containers, 2.0mm 8_C steel should be used on diagonal beams instead of 3K or 4K 1.8mm 8 C steel. Due to the large span, the bearing capacity of 1.8mm 8# C section steel is insufficient.
After a preliminary decision, you must ask the manufacturer's salesperson (preferably from the engineering department) to view the site. Fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological situation, understand the surrounding environment, understand the surface climate. Such as annual rainfall, whether there will be strong winds (grade 6 or above), whether there will be debris flow, etc. It is important to inspect the scene. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, formulate the basic planning of living containers, and determine whether the roof, skeleton and wall of living containers need to be continuously strengthened. This has a direct impact on the quality of containers used in the future, which will be irreparable in the future.
3. Handling emergencies
In emergencies, learn to do a good job of emergency treatment, such as before the arrival of a storm, do a good job of living drainage containers, because once water penetrates the container of life, the material characteristics of the container will be damaged, it will shorten the container of life. Before the wind comes, it is necessary to arrange the relevant personnel to do a good job of reinforcing the living containers in order to avoid damage.
4. 未经批准不得擅自改变董事会办公场所的结构
4. The structure of the office space of the board of directors shall not be altered without approval.
The skeleton of slab house is a whole, once the whole part has problems, it will have a chain effect. If you want to increase or reduce the partition, you should contact the manufacturer first, seek their opinions and board information, and then contact the manufacturer by yourself. Residential containers are connected to the whole building through light steel structural components. When the users arrange the lines, the wires and cables can not be directly tied to the steel structure of the panel house. Isolation wires or slots should be installed to avoid electric shock.
After a period of use, the surface paint of light steel structure parts will aging and fall off. At this time, it should be repainted to maintain the service life of steel structure parts and avoid excessive rusting and aging.
Okay, today's content will be introduced to you first. Collect the official website of Jinan Resident Container Rental and Sale Factory: http://www.dhwmu.com, you can learn more details!

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